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 Farming God's calling hell [Reaperess]

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PostSubject: Farming God's calling hell [Reaperess]   12/12/2012, 3:39 am

Here is a rough guide on how to farm God's Calling Hell as a Reaperess
[Note: This was done with a +10 Mashian Scythe and S-Royal Luid or BETTER armor]

Common life potion
Portable repair kit
Hell tickets
Skill stones
Inferior/Common firewood (optional)
Rage potions (optional)

Optimal daily bonus : 300% fury

Stage 1: 1 knight and 2 gilings
Take out the knight first because he is really annoying when you are trying to dodge the gilings' attacks. Time your Death Fairy (Q) to avoid the being hit, and run behind the gilings when they rev up their rolling attack (they chase you if you don't).
Make sure you use Reaping Lunge for mobility, spin smash, the reaping, venom strike and soul storm (pair with Hell breach etc) for damage

Stage 2: 1 statue master, gold knight, many gilings
This is the hardest part of GC Hell. Whatever you do, do not get knocked off the ledges.
The statue master is no problem, his constant dodging can be annoying though.
Once the gold knight is summoned, save The Reaping, Death Fairy and Evasive Dash for when he is about to shout. If The Reaping is on cooldown, time death fairy and use a shift evade for safety.
Since you have max fury (if you have fury bonus) at this point, wait until the Gold Knight is about to shout and activate your ultimate fury skill
You should only need one ultimate skill at this stage so keep using spin smash and the reaping

Stage 3: many, many gilings
This is the most annoying part of GC Hell. Use Reaping Lunge as much as possible to avoid being hit for 2-6k damage
Prioritize the small gilings, as they turn into the large gilings once you make them disappear and progress through the stage
After the 3rd or 4th spawning of gilings, you should have another filled fury gauge, so activate your ultimate again and use (S + Right click) for more ground attacks and aoe

Stage 4: statue master, stone knight, dark orbs
Simple stage, attack the statue master until he summons the Stone Knight
The easiest way to deal with the stone knight is to go back to the barrier you came from, attack one of the orbs until they sink into the ground, and await the stone knight to walk over it
As he approaches, activate your fury and Empower, use The Reaping, venom strike, spin smash, hell breach -> soul storm, etc UNTIL he recovers and stands up again.
Right now you should still have roughly 11 seconds of fury left so activate your ultimate now and kill another orb to stagger the knight again

Stage 5: Scarab King
This guy is just dumb, not much to talk about
Do not use Empower UNTIL the Scarab King goes into a frenzy for the first time
Once the SECOND frenzy message appears, activate your fury skill because his spinning attack will take all 3 of your lives if you do not

Final stage: Alvesia, Beetle, Dominated Balrok
Initiate on Alvesia with The Reaping and just use venom strike and spin smash to get her off the beetle
Lure her so she is facing one of the edges of the stage and provide adequate room between her and the laser beams at the edge
Use The Reaping on her, and Reaping Lunge to run away as soon as she starts to summon the beetle again.
Now you should not have to deal with that really annoying beetle that pushes you away from Alvesia therefore making The Reaping absolutely useless
When Dominated Balrok is summoned, you do not need to pay as much attention to Alvesia, because Balrok can kill you in one hit if you do not watch for when he does a major attack that hits about 1/3 of the map.
Once Balrok stuns Alvesia and prepares to kill her, use your fury skill and spam away.
You should only need 1 or 2 fury skills to take Balrok out fast, but you can do 3 if you want

Use The Reaping as soon as it comes off cooldown, this applies to spin smash and venom strike as well

Farming GC Hell is the least risky way to make decent amounts of money. Crafting perfect equips can bring in more money, but that is dependent on the stats the item has. If you are scared that your crafting products will have bad stats, this is a great alternative. PLUS, 54 Hell Equips sell much faster than 54 perfect equips

I usually make around 12-14m a day on farming GC Hell. It does not seem like very much for having to do so much work, but it is because I get tired of farming really quickly
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PostSubject: Re: Farming God's calling hell [Reaperess]   19/12/2012, 9:10 am

Thx for this guide, but who are you o.o...?

Also, you might want to go to our new site instead.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

We don't use this forum anymore. You can just repost this guide once you've got yourself an account over there, cheers! Smile
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Farming God's calling hell [Reaperess]
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